Monday, March 15, 2010

Shredded Chicken Sammies

This is our favorite "go to" recipe when we are going to have company for a birthday party, baby/bridal shower, church function, or Superbowl party. I've just listed the standard family size recipe here, but it is easily adjusted for larger portions! This recipe will feed the family and make nice leftovers for my husband to take to work the following day.

Shredded Chicken Sandwiches

12-14 oz. - Low Sodium Chicken Broth (depending on how much chicken you use and the consistency you want your "stuff")
1-1½lb boneless skinless chicken breast (You can use more or less-adjust the additional ingredients slightly more or less as well/also can use bone-in chicken if you prefer)
4 oz. Lite Sour Cream
½ can Campbells healthy request cream of chicken soup (low sodium)
½ can Campbells healthy request cream of mushroom soup (low sodium)
1 box Stove-top Low Sodium Chicken flavor stuffing
Salt/Pepper to taste-I don't add much salt-see below*
1-2 packages Sara Lee Dinner Rolls or hamburger buns
1 small onion *optional
**Low sodium ingredients because each of the original ingredients all have high sodium contents, so mixing them all together just seems a bit much!**

Cook chicken breasts in broth in Crock Pot 3-4 hours, checking w/a fork once in a while until it pulls apart easily. (Seasoned to taste *with optional onion, I allow large chunks of onion to cook in the broth with the chicken and then strain them out at the end because my family doesn't prefer the onions! It gives the great flavor without the need to pick them out of the sandwich later)
Remove Chicken and strain broth with fine strainer (get rid of the fat!) and pour back into crock pot, lower heat setting.
Shred chicken with fork and put back in crock pot, add remaining ingredients, mix well. Allow to heat 1 hour, stirring occasionally*the consistency will thicken as it heats. Set on lowest setting to keep warm and serve on dinner rolls. Great for parties served with potato chips! **If consistency is too soupy you can tear up bread and stir it in, it gives it a nice texture and absorbs the soupiness!

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