Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The World's Greatest Hot Cocoa Mix (Seriously!)

The World's Greatest Hot Cocoa Mix
(Hands down, no lie, THE greatest.)
yields 60+ servings

1 25.6 oz. container powdered milk
1 21.8 oz container of Nesquick Original Mix
1 15oz container French Vanilla Coffee Mate Non-Dairy Creamer
3 C. powdered sugar

Whisk together all ingredients in a very large bowl. Store in airtight container or package individually as gifts with a handful of marshmallows. To Serve: Add 5 TBSP of Hot Cocoa Mix to 8oz. hot milk or water(I prefer milk!) Sip and enjoy!

*Story behind it: My husband and I were engaged in the coziest, most quaint little coffee shop in town...Harvest Moon. It was picture perfect, comfy couches, jazz music, local art and a very "Central Perk" Friends vibe to it...and best of all, they had the greatest hot chocolate known to man! Well, someone new bought out the little coffee shop and turned it into an Organic, Garden Herb Shop/Restaurant and, quite cruelly, kept the "Harvest Moon" name...One day I went in, seeing the new look and thought, "Oh well, time marches on..." and went inside to order my favorite drink...the young girl at the counter goes to make my hot cocoa and realizes the mix container is empty. No biggie, she'll just go mix up some more..."Ms. Deville(we'll just use that name because it sounds nice and cruel) where did the hot cocoa mix go? I need to mix up some more." Ms. Deville, "Ugh, we aren't serving that anymore, go grab a box of dirt(okay, maybe she said, "organic hot cocoa") if you KNEW what was IN that stuff you wouldn't WANT to drink it!" Me, wide eyed and on the brink of smacking Ms. Deville: "When I go to a coffee shop and order a LARGE hot cocoa, I'm obviously not shooting for 'healthy'..." Ms. Deville: "Sorry, we won't be serving that anymore." Me, after trying said dirt in cup: "Well, I'm sorry to hear that, this stuff tastes horrific. I won't be back." And the wonderful saint of a young woman who saw the slight glimmer of a tear in my eye, reminiscing on the wonderful memories that were and joy of a good cup of hot cocoa, slipped me a tiny slip of paper she had torn off of a piece of a to-go menu and on it she had scribbled the Recipe. ♥ After a few years, I changed it up just a little, the original recipe called for Original Coffee Mate Creamer, however I liked the creaminess of the french vanilla much better, so that is what I've stuck with! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! It is fantastic topped with whipped cream topping!